Cashless Tolling

NYS Thruway Authority

New York State converted to an entirely cashless tolling system in 2020. The benefits include reduced congestion and traffic flow as well as helping achieve climate change goals in terms of improving our air quality and environment.

Miller led the media strategy planning to build awareness of E-ZPass in upstate New York. The approach alerted drivers of upcoming changes pre-launch, promoted the launch when cashless tolling went live, and followed up post launch when bills were sent out for the first time.

To reach motorists, several innovative media approaches were incorporated.

  • Waze, the GPS navigation app that provides directions and traffic reports, proved to be a strong way to connect with motorists in their cars during drive time and notified drivers about nearby locations to purchase E-ZPass tags.
  • Location based programmatic ads successfully targeted a custom created audience of visitors to NY Thruway rest stops, welcome centers and park & rides; and also used a geo-fencing approach to reach audiences near 9 major thruway locations.
  • Out-of-home billboard advertising was also used strategically in key locations near major toll plazas, thruway interchanges and roads leading to Thruway entrances.
  • Day parting, ads were delivered during morning and evening commute times and on weekends.

Results: E-ZPass signups were up 119% vs. previous year, even during a pandemic when commuters were working from home. Over 150,000 new customers signed up for the program.


NYS Thruway Authority

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