New Student Applications

CUNY Queensborough Community College

CUNY Queensborough Community College (QCC) prides itself on high quality yet affordable education. QCC serves a diverse student population and supports an inclusive, open culture. Students attend QCC primarily as the gateway to transfer to a four-year college or university—and over half of their students transfer to a four-year CUNY college after earning their Associate degree—or to obtain the necessary skills for career advancement.

QCC tapped Miller to help increase student applications, targeting 17 – 50 year-olds in Queens and Nassau counties. Miller put together a strategy utilizing a range of social media and streaming audio to appeal to a younger audience. The plan reflected a mobile, on the go lifestyle of busy students and parents. QCC has 15,400 students currently enrolled in associate degree or certificate programs, and another 10,000 students who are attending continuing education programs on their campus.

Based on the success of the QCC enrollment program, Miller’s now works with a range of higher education clients, including many CUNY and SUNY colleges and universities.


CUNY Queensborough Community College







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