How Universities Can Use TikTok

CUNY School of Professional Studies

To reach prospective undergraduate students, CUNY School of Professional Studies asked Miller to help develop its TikTok strategy. No platform has seen growth comparable to TikTok’s in 2021. Use of the app has exploded particularly for the target audience, Gen Z. 


A quick, visually compelling video ad with motion was created specifically for TikTok. The video was designed to look and feel consistent with the rest of the campaign creative that ran on other social platforms. As TikTok is geared towards a younger audience, audience targeting focused on reaching ages 18-24 with an interest in education.


Results: The TikTok campaign helped build brand awareness about CUNY SPS with almost 2,000,000 impressions. The video was watched by 40,000 people.


CUNY School of Professional Studies

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