Bring It Campaign

Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

Miller worked with the Mayor’s Office for Sustainability to get people to use fewer plastic bags. The Bring It campaign was designed to build awareness, drive leads and create engagement. Two audience segments were identified: a) Successful but complacent people who are environmentally conscious but will not change their current habits to do more for the environment, and b) Image-Conscious individualists who care more about their personal image while still trying to be environmentally friendly. The targeting tapped into people with an interest in food and shopping and the environment.

A portion of the budget was allocated towards lead generation where users could request a free reusable tote bag. Leads came in quickly and our client advised: “Can you pause the lead ads? They’re performing well and we want to make sure we can service all the requests.”

Miller has assisted with many additional green initiatives including introducing the ban on plastic bags, recycling organic food waste, leaves, clothes and Christmas trees, and educating consumers about electric vehicles.


Mayor’s Office of Sustainability


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