Vote Safe NYC

NYC Board of Elections

Keeping voters safe for the Fall 2020 Presidential election and educating them about their options was critical. Miller’s assignment from the NYC Board of Elections was to get out the vote in the healthiest way possible and educate New Yorkers about their voting options.

Miller created three waves of messaging focusing on absentee ballots, early voting and election day. Miller’s creative team developed the concept, Vote Safe NYC, to let all NYC residents know that they can vote safely in person or via absentee ballot. Even the Statue of Liberty wore a mask in the ads to promote safety and best health practices in a COVID-19 world.

Working in a rapid manner, Miller provided NYC Board of Elections social media monitoring reports and analysis to keep up with breaking news and developments that could impact the election. An integrated multi-media plan was put in place to reach voters of all ages and reach them at home or on the go.



NYC Board of Elections






Absentee Ballot Tracking

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